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Our company provides translation services for the customers all over the world. We guarantee the fastest possible completion terms and high quality. We also provide convenient payment terms for individuals and legal bodies. We work on either a VAT-inclusive or a VAT-exclusive basis. The confidentiality of client information is of the utmost priority.

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We offer the following services

  • Legal translations
For commissioning works
Our technical specialists and translators do quality translations of operation manuals. This facilitates your commissioning works, helps to operate equipment correctly, as well as avoid breakdowns and warranty cancellations.
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Assessment of equipment and its capacity
To choose the most suitable equipment, we carry out technical translation. This helps you to understand whether the proposed equipment is appropriate for your production needs.
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Customs registration
We translate all supporting documents such as safety certificates, product descriptions and others for the customs registration of freight and smooth passage through customs stations.
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Translations for emergency repair and commissioning
We arrange urgent translation of technical documents for emergency equipment start-up. You can be sure that the equipment will be launched within the shortest time period.
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For the proper use of imported equipment
Our clients often face the situation when manufacturers poorly translate operation manuals into Russian. In such cases, our translators with technical background and sound work experience carry out corrective translation with due account to all specific features of operation of the equipment.
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For timely project activities
Our high quality translation guarantees you stable partnership, with no delays in project acceptance or goods delivery and without extra costs related to contract responsibilities.
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Uniformity of translation of all documents
For a given project, our company appoints one translator for all the project stages, including correspondence, protocol of disagreements, attachments and requests related to the contract. This guarantees your company a single approach and uniformity.
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Editorial review
Our lawyer or translator specializing in law can carry out editorial reviews to correct mismatches in the contract. This ensures that the final contract edition is additionally reviewed and contains no inaccuracies. Learn more
Promptly and professionally
The lawyers and translators working with our company all have wide professional experience. This means that our translations are always professionally and timeously executed. You can be sure that we carry out a professional translation within the shortest possible time.
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Legal equivalence of contract clauses in original and translated versions
We guarantee that the translated contract will fully correspond to the original, so there will be no inconsistency, in case it is necessary to resolve a dispute, and the legal obligations in the original document will be equivalent to those in the translation.
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Specific attention to details
We pay special attention to the translation of complex constructions; we define all terms and abbreviations in such a way that the receiving party can fully understand the legal specifics of the contract and the corresponding obligations.
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Additional remarks and comments
Due to the language specifics, some parts of the text may be translated with additional remarks and explanations to guarantee complete understanding by the receiving party.
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Medical translation
Medical translations are carried out by translators with sound experience in this field as well as medical professionals, as we understand that the correct translation of documents related to medications and medical equipment is vitally important.
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Translation of personal documents
Our translations of personal documents in all forms and languages can be certified by a notary or in our agency. To speed up the process of the execution of documents, a certified translator can visit a consulate or a notary office directly.
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Journalistic translation
We carry out translations for different publishing houses, and guarantee accurate deadline management. You can be sure that your article or issue will be in print on time, and that the translation quality will highlight the status of the periodical.
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Translation for presentations
We provide high-quality translation of presentations and advertising materials to guarantee a top-class presentation of your company and products on the global stage.
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For product export
If your products go for export, we arrange the translation of all necessary documents into the language of interest so that customers in other countries are able to use your products easily.
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Minimum possible translation time
We always carry out our translations within the agreed timescale, and are ready to do an urgent translation, offering the shortest possible time of completion. You can be sure there will be no production downtime.
More than 13 years’ experience in translation
We have vast experience in providing translation services in different fields. This gives us an advantage in selecting the most suitable terms, definitions and expressions in the course of translation. We guarantee that there will be no need to edit the translated text.
Translation accuracy
We always provide exact translation for all definitions, expressions and abbreviations, notwithstanding the degree of complexity of the original text. You’ll no longer have to exert additional efforts to edit the translations.
Translation of any volume and complexity
To speed up working with large amounts of text, we appoint a complete team of translators and editors that can guarantee that you get a high-quality translation within the shortest time possible. Our translators work with documents of any complexity, including those already translated from a particular language.
Original file verification
When translating business documentation, we pay considerable attention to the accuracy and authenticity of the original information. We also conduct additional verification. Once you decide to work with us, you can forget about all the risks associated with litigation proceedings.
Reasonable prices
Our translation and interpretation services are not as expensive as in the U.S. or Europe. However, our services still maintain the highest delivery quality. You are assured of high-quality services at a reasonable price.
Commercial confidentiality
Our service agreement guarantees commercial confidentiality and information security when translating confidential documents.
“One Stop Shop”
Our company is unique in that we have access to a vast array of resources: we work with translators, interpreters and native speakers in Russia and abroad, as well as project managers, editors, desktop publishers, medical and legal consultants. Our company has 13 years’ experience. This allows us to carter to your customized needs as a full-fledged one-stop-shop.

Full follow-up support

We offer full follow-up support for all types of projects: from purchasing imported equipment to concluding any type of transaction. We guarantee comprehensive support and high-quality in-time translations.

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